Credit Card Merchant Services for Tobacco and Cigars

For decades people have smoked cigarettes and other cigar and tobacco products and while smoking rates have declined in the United States, places like China, Japan, and virtually all of Europe have huge percentages of smokers among their citizens. Despite the health risks involved and smoking becoming taboo in some circles, there still remains a high percentage of the population that smoke. This is why cigar tobacco sellers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are still very much in demand today and not going out of business anytime soon.

Those that sell cigars, pipes and tobacco or tobacco related products often find themselves unable to accept all forms of payment because of difficulties in finding a payment processor for their credit card customers. This is because cigars and tobacco merchants are considered one of the highest risk industries due to fraud and heavy regulations placed upon them by financial institutions. Another high risk factor is due to the higher than average rate of chargebacks related to this field. While finding a payment processor may seem difficult or even impossible, it is truly not.

High Risk Merchant is here to help. We provide merchant services and specialize in getting merchant account approval fast, even for high risk accounts like cigar and tobacco. With a tobacco merchant account, you won’t be limited to electronic checks or wire transfers. You will be able to enjoy the ease and simplicity of accepting credit card payments from around the world. High Risk Merchant can also set you up with an alternate form of processing such as Check 21 or ACH that can offer you with a better means of accepting payment and reduce your risks and costs. Finally you will have the ability to process payments online and rest assured transactions are run over secure servers.

It is extremely important to have a reliable, safe payment processor. At High Risk Merchant, part of the reason it is “risk free” is that we work hard to minimize your risk by both preventing and reducing credit card fraud. Lean more about obtaining a risk free Tobacco Merchant Account today. Call us for more informa