Merchant Services for Collection Agency

Traditionally companies that specialize in collections have had difficulties obtaining merchant accounts or appropriate processing solutions because they fall into the high risk category. This is because collections companies accept payment yet they were not the original seller or provider of the product or service. This can make approvals lengthy, difficult, and many times unsuccessful. High Risk Merchant simplifies the process with an intricate understanding of unique industry which enables High Risk Merchant to provide Credit Card, Check 21, and ACH processing solutions for Collection Agencies. High Risk Merchant openly accepts and welcomes companies that focus in recovering liabilities or even decline recovery companies. The Expert staff at High Risk Merchant can easily consult your company on finding the appropriate mix of processing solutions. Your account can be set up in as little as 24 hours. Once you have set up your Collection Agency Merchant Account High Risk Merchant can evaluate your business to make sure the appropriate tools are in place to make your processing as painless as possible, with gateways that can have multiple users and security settings for several agents to be logged in simultaneously and be able to accept payments over the phone. High Risk Merchant can also integrate ACH or E-check processing into the same gateway so that reporting is integrated and simplified. Within the collections industry properly and quickly clearing funds is crucial so our processing accounts have 24 to 48 hour settlement times, and with ACH or E-Check you have 24 hour NSF notification. The Collections industry functions on people who are notorious for not paying so rest assured that High Risk Merchant is here to offer the most solid and cost effective solution for your collection or recovery business to make the process as seamless as possible. Call us today, we are standing by.