No Annual Fee Month to Month Merchant Accounts

Owning a retail store means having a number of customers with a wide range of billing. Many will come to buy one particular item while others may come window shopping and buy more than anticipated. Whatever be the case, there will be quite a number of card payments to be processed on a daily basis.

Retail Merchant Account

When you have a physical store where customers can walk in, buy what they desire and pay by card, you will need a retail merchant account to process such card payments. The payment gateway used by you must be able to process any type of card be it Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. Though one may not need ACH Processing/Check Processing facility, the store must be able to handle the varied size of billing, efficiently and the payment processing has to be quick. This is because no customers are going to be patient enough to wait for the card payment to process.

In this industry, one can never truly say when the card payments will be more. Though one can gauge when the walk in will be high, the quantity of purchase and the size of the payments are really predictable. For this purpose you should have a merchant account with a high credit limit.

Cheaper Rates for Retail Storefronts

Any time you approach a bank for merchant account facilities, the rates and fees charged will depend up on the risk involved for the service provider. The risk involved in this industry is quite high as customers can always come back for an exchange or return due to damaged product.

If this is a retail clothing store, customers can always come back and return the products due to some tiny damage they over looked or due to a wrong fit. In such cases, the store will have to either charge back or provide credit to the customer.

Not every service provider will provide such leverage. With us, we have multiple underwriting banks which enable us to take up such risks for the development of our customers’ businesses. The gateway setup is quite simple, with reliable terminals and virtual terminals, your merchant account can be set up in no time. All you will have to do is apply and provide us with the required details. There is no setup fees, application fees and the entire application process itself is quite simple.

New Business Startups

Like in any industry, if it is a startup, the risks involved are higher and hence the charges will also be high. If it is a business with sufficient history, the payment processing, handling of customer issues, etc will be smoother and hence lesser risk for us. We will share the benefit with you by reducing the rates accordingly.

Retail / Card Present / Signature EMV Compliant Terminals

In a retail store, the card will be presented physically by the customer and once it is swiped, they will sign it. There are many chances for a fraud payment, where in a customer can come back and say their stolen card was used to pay at your store. In such cases, the chargebacks and risks faced will be high.

With us on your side, you don’t have to worry. We will provide you enough support to face such situations as we know these are unavoidable in a booming industry as yours. Our friendly executives are always here to help you setup your account without any hassles.

We ensure the payment processing happens as quickly as possible, for customers don’t like wasting time waiting in a queue. When the entire payment process is smooth and flawless, they are going to come back multiple times.

For a retail store, it is not just the collection that matters but the way customers are handled is also important. This is because the competition level is so high in this industry today that no one wants to compromise. They will just drop the selected items on the counter and move on to the next store. With online shopping on the rise, physical stores have to be on top of their game at all times.

Other Services like Merchant Cash Advance

If you have a website and plan on providing online shopping services where the customers can buy from your website, you will need reliable virtual terminals that can process the card payments when the card is not present. Such additional services can be provided when asked for and the rates will vary accordingly.

Check out our website, call our customer care to get all your doubts clarified. We are here to make it as smooth as possible for both you and your customer as any type of shopping should always end on a good and satisfied note.