Merchant Service Provider for Legal Business

Businesses focused on Legal services have at times experienced difficulty obtaining processing solutions. This problem is usually due to high hourly billing rates from attorney’s, large ticket items (usually billed as a retainer ahead of time), and lengthy litigation that doesn’t always turn out favorable to the end customer. These can make approval times for an account to begin processing lengthy or force the business to settle for unfavorable terms. Fortunately High Risk Merchant is highly experienced with providing the appropriate processing solutions for companies involved in legal services. We provide the quickest approval times and the lowest rates within the industry on our processing solutions. Our company welcomes all forms of Legal Service business including but not limited to ones involved in;

  • Loan Modification
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Ticket and Traffic
  • Timeshare Deed Transfer / Release / Resolution
  • Divorce
  • Real Estate & Foreclosure Relief
  • Securities
  • Patent & Trademark
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Debt Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Employment
High Risk Merchant can equip your law office with high ticket credit card processing with an option to set up recurring payments for monthly fees or larger payment plans. Credit card processing can be used in combination with a high volume ACH account so you can directly debit your clients bank accounts for large payments or submission of retainers eliminating the agony of waiting for wires or checks to clear. Risk free Merchant can also provide your business with a Check 21 account so you can digitize incoming checks and eliminate trips to the bank and reduce the manual process of processing checks. We understand that this industry is notorious for having to collect large invoices from hesitant to pay clients, so having the right payment processing solution can save you lots of time and headaches for example we show instant declines and 24 hour NSF fees, this demonstrates whether the client will be able to pay for the requested services. Setting up your legal services merchant account with High Risk Merchant can greatly improve your businesses cashflow and allow you the convenience of instantly charging clients as opposed to either waiting or collecting thereafter. Call us today so we can get your legal services business processing payments in within 24 hours at the lowest rates. Our experts are standing by to assist you.