Countertop Solutions

Listed below are several solutions for new merchants or merchants who wish to upgrade:

Dejavoo X5 and X8 Series The Dejavoo Systems X5 (dial) and X8 (IP) terminals power payments by enabling secure, high-speed transactions coupled with value-added functionality.  An integrated, PCI PED approved PIN pad is included, allowing for quick and convenient PIN entry for debit processing. Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO.  X5 Sell Sheet |  X8 Sell Sheet

Verifone Vx570
This countertop solution combines superior speed and power to offer exceptional payment processing, plus increased memory to support a wide range of value-added applications.  An easy-to-use and robust payment device, the VX 570 offers a small countertop footprint and includes an intuitive ATM-style interface and bold menu prompts, enabling merchants to reduce training time and focus on core business operations.  PCI PED approved, the Vx570 includes an integrated printer and PIN pad, which saves on both counter space and cost. Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO.  Vx570 Sell Sheet

Verifone Vx510 Series
The Vx510 and Vx510LE terminals are Verifone’s leading-edge payment systems that efficiently process the core payment types – credit, debit, EBT and check transactions.  In addition, the Vx510 terminals support value-added applications, such as gift cards – one of the hottest payment types in the marketplace today.   The Vx510 terminals include an integrated printer and PIN pad, allowing for less countertop clutter.  Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO. Vx510 Sell Sheet

Verifone Nurit 8400
The Nurit 8400 is a secure and highly adaptable payment device. The Nurit 8400 is equipped to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses and provides several options for enhanced functionality, including increased memory and a backup battery.  An integrated printer and PIN pad makes the Nurit 8400 an optimal terminal of choice for those who wish to conserve both counter space and cost.  Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO. Nurit 8400 Sell Sheet

Hypercom T4205, T4210 and T4220
The Optimum T4200 countertop terminal family combines the best-of-breed features of the Optimum family into these powerful and flexible devices to suit any customer’s needs – large or small. These terminals come standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN pads and printers.  Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO.
T4205 Sell Sheet | T4210 Sell Sheet | T4220 Sell Sheet

Ingenico i5100
Ideal for retail and restaurant environments, the Ingenico  i5100 is a compact, all-in-one countertop POS device. With its backlit display and simple keypad, this terminal is intuitive and easy to use.  The i5100 also includes an integrated PIN pad and ultra-fast printer that is easy to load. Merchants can also opt to utilize an external PIN pad.  Target markets include retail, restaurant and MOTO. i1500 Sell Sheet