Process Checks Online or Over the Phone

ACH Processing is an alternative payment method to credit card processing. It is a method that allows the merchant to directly process customer’s payment through a customer’s bank account. All that is needed is a check routing and account number to enter into the payment gateway/interface. Once this information is entered, the transaction is submitted and the customer’s account is typically debited for the transacted amount within 24 to 48 hours. On the opposite end of the transaction, the credit amount appears in the bank account of the merchant. This form of payment processing is a very cost effective solution for several high risk merchants and a payment method proven to yield less overall returns and chargeback’s.

Clarity Check Processing is Suitable for High Risk Businesses Including:

  • Collection Agencies and Debt Brokers
  • Payday Loan Servicers, Collecting on Payday Loans
  • Startup Credit Repair Credit Resolution Companies
  • Any Legal Legit type of Business Model.
  • Collecting from Customers with No Credit Cards
  • Collecting on Auto Loans, Student Loans, Home Loans
  • Loan Modification, Foreclosure Relief, Student Loan Modification
  • Paying off Past Due Debts
  • Online Smoke Shops and Cannabis Products
  • CBD, Hemp, MMJ, Marijuana Dispensary Products in states where it is legal.
  • Startup Businesses who Have trouble getting approved for Merchant Accounts

Several high risk merchants that process recurring transactions prefer this mode of processing due to the simplicity in automating the recurring billing portion of this system. High Risk Merchant can be your source for a reliable ACH solution. We have the ability to get high risk ACH deals approved in-house and fully integrate our clients with their systems including training merchants on their new form of processing. Our system makes processing recurring transactions simple and easy while enabling merchants to utilize advanced reporting capabilities. We guarantee to offer the highest risk businesses the lowest rates, the best possible ACH processing service, and answer all questions on how ACH can help save your business money. Call us Toll Free for Clarity High Risk today so that our ACH specialist can advise you about the benefits of our ACH processing solution. We can have your business up and running in as little as 24 hours. Our experts are standing by.

Some Benefits of ACH Processing are:

  • Eliminate going to the bank or waiting for checks to get delivered
  • Settlement Times between 48-72 Hours
  • Automate the Recurring billing portion function
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Less Returns/ NSF’s / Chargebacks
  • Money Savings on processing and banking fees
  • Offers a great alternate payment method for customers
  • Works well for large ticket sales
  • Rates for Very High Risk Businesses are generally lower for ACH processing than Credit Card Processing