Brand Central Station

A wealth of sales and marketing at your fingertips.

When you start with professionally-produced, proven marketing and sales tools, your image and reputation are immediately enhanced.

Brand Central Station puts it all at your fingertips.

Simply click on the BCS tab on CIMASTM,and you’ll enter your own marketing agency:

  • Sales presentations for different vertical markets and merchant types
  • Sales sheets on all of our products and programs
  • Direct mail pieces to generate leads
  • Trade show banners to enhance your exhibits
  • Premiums to generate attention and enhance loyalty
  • Training information for your agents and reps
  • Press releases and articles you can submit to your local media under your own name
  • All the forms and documents you need to facilitate a smooth, quick merchant boarding process with any product or service

To use most of these items, simply click on the piece, add your own contact information and save for printing or emailing.  Other items, such as premiums and trade show booths, are available for purchase at an at-cost price.

Best of all, you are a valued Brand Central Station client.  Tell us what sales materials you need, and we’ll do our best to prepare it just for you.

Check out Brand Central Station today.