Moving Company Credit Card Processing Provider

Getting a merchant account for auto transportation and moving company businesses is not as simple as you had initially thought. Now that you desperately need a solution; neither banks nor credit card processors seem to want to help you out but why is it so complicated? The reason because you can’t simply resort to PayPal or your local banking services is because the auto transportation industry is considered High Risk. One of the biggest reasons for your business to be considered High Risk is the fact that there tends to be a high chargeback ratio. A credit card processor cares a good deal about this ratio because it is generally a sign that the business is not doing that well or has run into problems with the customers. This might pose as a risk to the credit card processor. It is ideally required to keep your chargeback ratio below 2% for wider acceptance.

How We Can Get Your Account Approved

Banks are generally quite slow and hesitant while offering merchant account services to auto transportation and moving businesses. While they are all too caught up in safety and property damage risks, online merchants like us can seal the deal for you effortlessly. When you are moving products or people, the risk involved is quite high but we can help you get the merchant account that your business needs to succeed. We have a whole network of merchant service providers that excels in high risk businesses. When you consider High Risk Vs Low Risk merchant accounts, you will realize that you are likely to be charged higher rates than a low risk merchant provider will charge. While this is a limitation in the industry we are involved in, we are definitely offering you a step towards advancement.

Closed, Shutoff Denied by Credit Card Processors

In those desperate times when the banks have turned you down, you can’t possibly go to PayPal and other credit card processors have also shut the door on you, we will help you get approved for a high risk merchant account. Listed below are the essential services that we provide.
  • We will offer you secure debit, credit as well as ACH processing.
  • We gladly offer highly competitive and affordable bank/ISO processing costs.
  • We believe in immediate services, which is exactly why we offer next day funding.
  • Our services include Virtual Terminal/swiped transactions.
  • Our Proprietary payment gateway lets ‘card not present’ transactions and Recurring Billing happen.
  • Our Auto Transportation transactions are carried forward via a 100% secure gateway setup.
  • We have a Proprietary Online Chargeback Management and Response System that is specifically designed for your business in the Auto Transportation Industry.
  • Helping Startup/New Businesses to Settle
If you have recently set foot in the transport and moving business, you might already have come across banks and credit card processors who have turned you down. You are also aware of how your business is an absolute High Risk involvement but just because the industry claims to be risky, your business cannot be termed as unreliable. We are more than ready to work with you to process cards. We will also offer extensive fraud protection via our secure payment gateways to ensure that your new business finds success with us.

USA Bankcard Domestic & Offshore Options

It is true that domestic options give you a better rate and more security but there are times when offshore options are way more lucrative. A typical low risk merchant account will not give you the option of accepting more than one type of currency. What you need in such a situation is multi-currency processing. You will be relieved to know that we offer these services so that you can take your customer’s payments in whichever denomination you need to.

Lowering Your Fees and Prevent Chargebacks

Our friendly team of advisors will notify you as soon as chargeback occurs. We ensure that your data is protected with tokenization and encryption. We also identify fraudulent transactions beforehand, help reduce chargeback fees and recover the profits that your business might have lost.

We can Approve Even with Bad Credit History

If your business has had a bad credit history, you might have trouble getting a merchant account approved. This is because banks generally link bad credit to bad credit business. However, we are tied up with banks that are more than willing to approve merchant accounts for businesses with bad credit history so that you do not face losses of any kind. To sum it all up, when you sign up for an account with us, you can expect complete flexibility with your merchant account for auto transportation and moving company businesses.