ACH Alternative Check By Phone Same Day Funding

E-Check is the method of digitizing what would normally be a paper check transaction, allowing the merchant to accept and enter the payment via computer or phone. This process is simple: Notify your customers how their check will be processed, enter the transaction through your telephone or computer, the transaction is then processed through the ACH network, and the funds will clear into your business account Next Day and even Same Day Deposit Funding! This is beneficial to most businesses because it allows them to save money on manually processing checks, save time on eliminating deposit trips to the bank, and provides more convenience to the end customer. High Risk Merchant underwrites all E-Check accounts in-house and can guarantee the approval of your new E-check account to accept payments through this method. Some of the advantages of setting up an E-check account with High Risk Merchant are:
  • Guaranteed approval for your business all legal businesses approved!
  • Lowest industry rates on E-check transactions
  • Save money by eliminating deposit runs to the bank and inflated NSF fees
  • Reduce manual labor required for traditional deposits
  • Get notified of NSF’s or Insufficient Funds within 24 hours
  • The ability to enter transactions over the phone
  • Easily set up recurring payments
  • Offer it as a payment alternative to customers to improve cashflow
  • Eliminates waiting on a check to arrive in the mail
  • Ease of setup

Approved Business Types Include:

  • Credit Repair Credit Restoration Companies. Established and Startup Businesses OK.
  • Debt Collection, Debt Recovery, Collection Agencies, Debt Brokers
  • Companies prohibited from Collecting on loans like Payday Loan Companies, Title Loan Companies, Pay-Day Loan Collections.
  • Companies that are Listed on the TMF or Match lists and Unable to obtain credit card processing
  • Companies and Businesses that have been shutoff or closed due to High Chargeback rates
  • Timeshare, Timeshare Release/Resolution Companies, High Ticket transactions OK.
  • Travel Clubs, Travel Companies, Travel Tour Operators.
  • Smoke Shops, Cannabis related Businesses, CBD Oil
  • Tech Support, Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Online PC Tech Support
  • Diet and WeightLoss, HCG, Herbal Remedies, Male Enhancement Companies
  • Telemedicine, Online Pharmacy
  • All Legal and Legit Businesses Welcome!

With our ability to guarantee your approval and all of the money saving benefits there is no reason your business should not obtain an E-Check account through High Risk Merchant. Our experts eliminate the risk and offer first class support your business deserves. Call us today and have your account up and running within 24 hours.

Process Checks By Phone & Online

With our secure gateway create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, and even Accept Payments Online (or integrate into your current systems via API). Get SAME DAY and NEXT DAY deposit of your transactions at All Banks in the continental United States.

Website Payment Buttons

We offer you the ability to place payment buttons on your website. This allows for flexibility and gives you a secure online payment function. Buttons are easily created on our gateway and can be placed on any website on any platform using standard code that we provide. Send an Email Invoice in Seconds

Online BillPay

Pay Bills and Deposit Money to Accounts from Anywhere in the World! Same Day Deposit Nearly all processors offer 3-5 day funding on your money. Have you ever asked why? We are pretty confident the year 2000 was almost a generation ago. We are happy to report that at we can deliver your checks Same Day, and in some cases in as little as an hour!Shopping Cart Integration Yes, we are already integrated with many major shopping carts.

API Integration

Want to integrate your system into our payment gateway? Need to build something robust? Want to verify and accept checks on your iPhone, Android, or other Smart Phone applications? If you answered yes, our API is for you!Check Verification Short of calling your local Private Detective, how do you know if a check is good? We verify ALL checks you enter into our system.

Secure Data Storage

Store customer data with confidence. We have the world's best encryption system. We don't use basics. We go all out, spending a small fortune keeping your information under lock and key.Customer Support Money is Serious Business. We know you work hard, so we work harder for you! Our support center is not outsourced, and we do not hire dummies. You can call and email with confidence knowing we will take good care of you and all of your deposits.