Check-out Donations (coming soon)

When your customers contribute to their favorite charities
at the point of sale, everyone benefits.

The newest form of charitable giving – donations made during a sales transaction – is a boon to all parties involved.

  • For non-profit organizations, these small donations add up to a big increase in contributions.
  • For merchants, the program provides a unique way to offset processing costs while presenting a positive image to customers.
  • For sales offices and agents, this program can help you stand out to socially-conscious merchants while earning a new revenue stream.

The best new way to give and receive.

Clarity USA’s charitable donation program is one of the most cost-effective, user-friendly programs out there.

Fully integrated with CIMAS, it accommodates easy online boarding and reporting.

Backed by marketing and sales support materials, it is simple to sell and turnkey getting started.

Now, you can offer your merchants a creative way to attract customers, support worthy causes and offset their processing costs, all with one simple solution.

For more information on this attractive revenue-sharing opportunity, contact your sales rep or relationship manager.