Best High Risk Merchant Account Provider

Clarity USA’s High Risk Processing Gateway Platform

Now you can be approved for merchants you never thought any bankcard could touch:  dating and escort services; telemarketing companies; online membership clubs and more.

Clarity’s High Risk Program lets you board these merchants using our standard application, and benefit from generous residuals and unmatched retention.

Does Your Business Qualify for our High Risk Program?

If you have a company in one of these categories, you are likely to get your deal approved, assuming the business has strong financials and a clean history, and the principal’s credit history is free of bankruptcy and significant liens or judgments.

  • Airlines
  • Travel, including reservations, accommodations, voucher and high-ticket businesses
  • Adult, Dating and Escort businesses must register directly with the Card Associations to be considered, but Clarity USA will help you facilitate that process
  • Outbound telemarketing for most product lines (some exclusions)
  • TMF merchants including Internet
  • Online membership clubs other than travel clubs will be considered based on type of membership and volume requested
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Weight Loss Diet & Wellness Programs including continuity programs.
  • Continuity Merchants who meet specific criteria

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High Risk Merchant provides competitive credit card processing solutions for businesses that traditionally fall under high risk categories such as electronic cigarettes & vape, e-commerce websites, MLM and many more. Other merchant processors have difficulties in properly aligning or approving certain high risk businesses because they don’t have the correct foundation or experience within certain industries which limits their capabilities and offerings. High Risk Merchant can provide your high risk business with reliable domestic processing solutions. Our team of experts offer a 24 to 48 hour turnaround on most merchant processing accounts. The simple and risk free application process is a breeze compared to most international or standard high risk applications. High Risk Merchant can provide your high risk business with the lowest rates in the industry and has the leverage to have your account approved quickly with an industry lowest rate guarantee. The advantages of obtaining a merchant account through High Risk Merchant are:

  • Next Day Settlements
  • Lowest rates guaranteed
  • No Foreign Incorporation
  • No Setup Fees
  • Expert Advice
  • As low as 24 Hour approvals

Let one of our expert account analysts evaluate your business today and get the High Risk process started for your business. We execute in-house approvals and underwrite our accounts. As leverage with our partner banks, quality assurance of service, and overall efficiency are second to none. Call us High Risk today for your evaluation. Have a business that needs to process card payments? Have you been refused merchant account facilities because your business has been termed as high risk? You need a reliable merchant banking service provider who has tie-ups with multiple underwriting banks.

When you are categorized as a high-risk business, not many banks will even consider providing the basic merchant account facilities. This is because the risk involved for the service provider is very high and they may not have enough banks ready to underwrite to such extent.

How to Get Setup and Approved Easily Even Startups Too!

No matter how risky your business is declared, you need merchant accounting facility to process credit card payments. Cards like Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex, are predominantly used by customers to pay for their purchases. Be it service or products that you offer, you must be able to accept cards and sometimes ACH Processing/Check Processing will also be required. The payment processing has to be quick as no one would want to wait for their payments to go through. For a smooth billing, your business will require gateways and virtual gateways that are efficient enough to handle multiple payments in succession. When the business booms, the services required will also increase. This can be arranged for by asking the service provider.

The rates and fees charged for the account will not only depend on the services but the rates Vary by Startup vs History too. This is because the business with enough history are well established and will have enough experience in handling complications regarding payments. When the situation is handled well, the risk for the merchant account provider is lesser. However, if the business is a startup, the rates will definitely be higher as the risks involved are very high. Not only will the company not know how to handle situations but the time taken for the business to pickup will also be more.

Get Approved with a USA Domestic Bank

Whether yours is a startup/ business, you will need to process card payments. Else, your customers are going to go elsewhere for the sake of convenience. In today’s fast-paced world, more than the collection, it is the easy billing that gets more attention. When the billing is smooth and quick, customers are left with a good experience and would love to visit again. When you sell online, your website should be equipped to accept card payments. For all those regular customers who pay by card, you will need recurring billing facility, wherein the details are stored and need not be entered every time. This not only saves the customer a lot of time but makes the entire process smoother and quicker.

How Clarity USA Can Help You with the Cheapest Rates

If you have been hunting for a well-facilitated merchant account that is ready to undertake the risks involved in your business, we can be of help. There are absolutely no setup fees and no application fee involved. The entire setup process itself straightforward and simple. Whether you want virtual gateways to process payments when the card is not present or when the signatures are not present, or if you want check processing facility, we can provide them to you. Even if you require chargeback facilities, we can provide them to you at an additional charge. With the increase in online shopping, there are a number of iPhone/Droid Mobile Apps that allow people to shop through their smartphones. Payments for such purchases will have to be made by a card when there is no physical card or signature of the customer. In such cases, the risk involved is very high and the rates will vary accordingly.

Do Not Get Denied Closed or Shut Off

We know what it takes to run a business successfully and carve a name for yourself in the market. With high levels of competition, one cannot afford to compromise on the payment processing, as this hits the customers bad. When they have to go through multiple steps or wait in a queue to pay the bill, they are not going to be too happy. When your customer is unhappy, you will lose business from them and will also stand to lose a considerable amount of goodwill. In order to avoid such hassles, we are here to ensure you have the merchant account with all the facilities that are needed to help your business grow. Our friendly executives will come and assess the risks involved in your business and the rates will be quoted accordingly. Don’t hesitate. You definitely need a merchant account today to ensure your business continues to grow.