Partnership Programs

Serious about growing your business?

Clarity USA has only one business:  growing yours.  And that means we always start with you:  your model, your expertise, your needs, your goals.

Together, we’ll set a pricing and bonus signup program that meets your business needs and maximizes your ability to bring in merchants and keep them satisfied.  Then, we’ll tailor an ongoing program of service and support that starts where you are, and takes you where you want to be.  And through the entire process, we’re all about you.

  • You choose which services you’d like our help with, and which you’d prefer to manage internally.  From underwriting to risk to customer support, we’ll help you make the best choices for your business;
  • You determine your risk tolerance and pricing needs;
  • You and your staff get welcomed and trained in your office by a group of people completely dedicated to getting you up and running quickly, seamlessly and successfully.  This team includes specialists in every area relevant to your business model, and will offer hands-on support and immediate responses.
  • You enter the world of CIMASTM, the most superior online account management system anywhere.  And you can share it with your merchants, free.
  • You access Brand Central Station, a professional marketing department with a wealth of sales and support materials, from training guides to trade show booths, sales brochures to direct mail.
  • You benefit from our partnerships with some of the industry’s leading product manufacturers and program innovators – from online cash registers to the latest mobile solutions to innovative cash advances – all designed to help you seal the deal with every merchant you meet.

Want to get serious?  Start with Clarity today and start enhancing your profitability.