Payday Loan Industry Credit Card ECheck Gateway

We all are aware that money forms the basis of almost all give and take transactions. But slowly the concept of actual money is fading away. With the concept of plastic money, and transactions happening by credit and debit cards, the requirement to have a merchant account that provides the required services is almost mandatory.

It is even more essential in case of businesses that are involved in PayDay loans or are a Check Cashing store. In such establishments, the payment via Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex becomes a regular feature. For all such establishments having a merchant account that provides these services. It is a known fact that setting up merchant accounts for high risk business going the traditional way is an uphill task. You may have experienced being denied or shut down a credit card or check cashing services. This could be either because you are a start up or if your business has had a history. Banks have a very clear vision of High Risk Vs Low Risk businesses and whose merchant account application they wish to accept or reject.

And this is where we come into picture. With rates that will pleasantly surprise you, we can help you become a terminal that accepts credit cards and that too sooner than you expect. Whether you are a Startup business or have an existing history, we give you all the best chance to open up avenues for a brighter future.

We understand that being a terminal for credit card payments is an integral part of for a PayDay loan and Check Cashing store. This gives you scope to balance your accounts sheets and also gives the customers the liberty to pay either by debit/credit card or cash as well.

We have built a reputation over the years of being the company that provides merchant accounts even for high risk businesses. We are not limited to being within the country but also provide services to international merchants who are based offshore.

How do We Provide Merchant Services to Payday Loan Companies

Instead of relying on local big banks, where applications are mostly rejected, we have partnered with 3rd party processors. We also have an alliance with banks overseas and so are able to provide merchant accounts even to high risk businesses.

While it is true that domestic partners are cost-effective and provide better security, for high risk businesses like PayDay Loan and Check Cashing stores an overseas option appears more feasible.

ACH E-Check Payment Processing Solutions for Your Industry

  • With us, you can be assured of a friendly long standing business relationship.

  • With rates as competent as ours, be sure to make great profits

  • Our rates are fixed and we are transparent in our dealings.

  • You can be sure there are no hidden costs

  • The application process is simple and clear, to prevent any future misunderstandings.

  • There is no application fee for merchant applications with us.

  • Approval rates with us for your merchant account are extremely high.

  • Should you have any queries or doubts, we have a competent customer support staff who will help you out

  • We personalize your rates depending upon your risk level, no matter whether you are a start-up company or are already dealing with a lot of cash.

  • Instead of having a common rate for all kinds of businesses, we give your business an individual rate that is best suited for your business.

  • The billing and recurring billing system with us are simple and straightforward. As we do not believe in any hidden costs or other confusion.

To up your game a little further and come to the forefront of the business we also have a mobile app to facilitate your users. Customers using an iPhone or Android mobile apps can take advantage of our existing mobile app, which can be easily downloaded on their mobile phone. Further, they can make their payments using the mobile app.

You can complete your transaction with the customer using your mobile phone or tablet and can email a copy of the receipt to the customer. The regular terminal for payments exists, but becoming a virtual terminal is the way to the future. You can attract more customers to your location by promoting the utilization of mobile apps and payments through them. When you send receipts to customers, the emails are recorded and can be used to future promotions as well.

With the future of PayDay loans and Check Cashing Stores being greatly dependent on plastic payments via credit and debit cards, having a merchant account is the only way. With us, you can easily set up your merchant account which is further enhanced by a physical terminal as well as a virtual terminal using mobile app payments.