Credit Card Payment Processing for Automobile Services

There is no denying the fact that the automotive industry is a competitive space. Typically this includes used car dealers, auction houses, car/vehicle title loan companies, auto repair shops, transmissions and engine suppliers, used card parts. It is also often labeled as a High-risk business because of the variable factors involved and the unpredictable situations at play. You might wonder why most credit card processors are hesitant to provide services to high-risk businesses. There are a number of reasons but the primary reason is the fact that a bank or a processor is actually taking a financial risk by becoming involved in your module. When the same risk is taken up by a High-Risk merchant, the rates escalate and the techniques of provision. However, we are here to provide you with the lowest rates along with zero hidden costs to help your business in the automotive industry thrive.

How Online Merchant Processing Services Work

Online merchants like us help you with automatic credit card processing solutions that are not only flexible and effective but also quite affordable. You can now start accepting payments in various forms, offer more flexible solutions to your clients and also enjoy the lowest fees possible. Whether you deal in the automotive industry, auto repair services or are involved in used car deals, engines and transmissions, car parts, title loans, auto transportation services we have your payment processing needs covered.

Have You Been Shut Down/Denied or Closed

Even before your business starts flourishing, banks, PayPal, and other payment processors try to shut you down by rejecting their services. This is simply because in the battle of High-Risk Vs Low-Risk they try to opt for the second version to prevent financial losses. So if you have been denied services there, sign up with us for unparalleled support and solutions. We also have an in-house risk management system along with a friendly customer support system at your disposal 24/7.

Our Credit Card Processor Provider Services At a Glance

Apart from the fact that we have competitive rates in the industry, we do not charge fees for signing up with us that makes our clients feel comfortable from the very beginning. With have both credit card and ach/e-check services available to all merchants. Our other services include:
  • Low Processing rates.
  • Zero Application fees
  • No setup fees.
  • Reduced chargebacks
  • Chargeback prevention and protection.
  • Flexible automotive merchant services.
  • No monthly fees.
Along with these features, you will also have more payment options for your customers and thus be able to acquire a wider client base. You will be able to accept these following brands with the lowest possible fees in the industry: MasterCard Debit Visa AMEX Discover JCB and ACH/Check By Phone. Other services at our end When we say we have flexible payment processing, we mean it and we can help you to process payments by credit card, debit, check or ACH processing. Our team of high-risk advisors will work with you for payments that include:
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing
  • Card-not-present processing
  • Virtual Terminals at your end
  • ACH payment option
  • Online payment option
  • Credit card sales.
  • Payment Processing Equipment

You can choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to payment processing equipment. You can choose a wireless terminal, an IP terminal as well as a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal is perfect for your in-shop purchases. When you are traveling, you can also opt for mobile credit card processing. All you need to do is swipe the card with a swipe-reading device that is connected to your smartphone. The sale will be securely processed at our end. We have a secure payment gateway that will not put you at a financial risk.

Domestic or Offshore business

While your domestic business module could be safer and could mean lesser losses, an offshore business module will be riskier yet worth the risk if you know what to do. With our services, you do not need to worry about denominations. You can accept more payments with the help of our safe and secure payment gateways and the number of clients is only going to go up from here.

Startup and New Businesses

Yes, we are aware of how apprehensive you are at the moment because not only have the major payment processing solutions ditched you but also filled you with a number of new worries. You are concerned about the exuberant rates that you might be charged and also the hidden costs. While it is true that rates vary by startup Vs history, it is certainly nothing to be so petrified of. Rates are definitely higher with startups because of the high financial risk involved but trust us to offer you competitive pricing and unparalleled support to match up to the additional money you pay.