Debt Broker Merchant Processing Provider

With unemployment being at an all time high and several people just being overleveraged in debt, is it any wonder that the debt settlement industry is growing by leaps and bounds? Debt settlement companies help consumers who are overwhelmed with debt or who are considering bankruptcy as a last option. While you want to help people settle their debt, we want to help you get paid. High Risk Merchant specializes in rapid merchant account approvals. Our payment processing solutions are reliable and allows you to keep your focus on your customer rather than on worrying about the process of collecting your funds. With our ACH and Check 21 solutions we allow you alternate means of processing that can save you money and be very convenient for you. As you know, creditors are often willing to accept less than the original balance through debt settlement. Many consumers are trying desperately to avoid bankruptcy and many creditors are happy to work with debt settlement companies because they know that they at least have a chance of recovering a partial portion of their receivables. They realize that some money is better than no money, which is what they will get if the debtor chooses to file for bankruptcy protection. As a debt consultants or credit counselor, you develop relationships with creditors and can use this connection for your client’s advantage. Since you are the middleman and are collecting not only your own fees but payments to make on behalf of your clients, you need to know that you totally depend on your credit card processing company. That is why you need a Debt Settlement Merchant Account with High Risk Merchant. Why take chances, when you can have a risk free Debt Settlement Merchant Account? Contact us today.