MOTO or Retail Merchant Services for Gun Business

Process firearms, tactical gear, gun, and ammunition sales. 26 years experience working with gun and ammo dealers. A truly Second Amendment friendly processor! No long term contract. We are endorsed by the Tennessee Firearms Association. Rates as low as 1.69% for face-to-face and 2.2% for internet and mail / phone order. Terminals and Phone Apps available along with plugins for most shopping carts! No charge to apply today, and no obligation! Get started now no risk and no obligation once you apply.

Banks Restrict Processing for Firearm Retailers and Dealers

Operation Choke Point is a Federal probe for credit card fraud that focuses on merchant payment processors and banks. The result is that some banks have severed connections with gun retailers, tactical gear specialists, and other companies who have done legitimate business in the past.

Many gun retailers feel they have been targeted in these efforts by the Federal Government. Banks dropped and froze accounts. Some banks refused to process online transactions. Thats why special help is needed to help your business get connected to process online and offline transactions.

Thats where we come in. At Clarity Merchant Accounts for Gun Sales, we connect you with the specialists and help you every step of the way once you connect through our website. Were here for you to navigate the waters and make sure you are taken care of. They are tricky waters to navigate which is why you need the best specialists who have been taking care of merchants like you for years!

Requirements for Approval

1. Know if youre serious about your business or if its a hobby. If youre SERIOUS about your business, get started now!

2. A desire to succeed at your business!

3. A willingness to go through the easy and fast approval steps You will need a drivers license, business firearms license, and a voided check for your business.