Credit Card Processor for Bail Bondsmans

Bail bondsman are traditionally used when people get arrested and cannot afford to pay the full amount of their bail. In today’s society with the receeesd economy this service is being utilized more and more. People facing the thought of spending time in jail while awaiting trial are very motivated, if not forced to utilize a bail bondsman or end up spending the duration of time in prison.. As a bail bondsman is essential that you have a reliable, safe and effective payment processing solution once the client must send you payment . While cash, money orders and wire transfers will make up a percentage of your business, the vast amount of your customers will want to pay with a credit card. High Risk Merchant can help set up your Bail Bondsman Merchant Account quickly. We specialize in getting merchant account approvals for bail bondsman executed quickly.. Risk free merchant can also provide reliable ACH and Check 21 solution for this industry to allow them to electronicall process checks or directly debit clients bank accounts, as well as set up automatic recurring payments for finance plans.

The business of providing bail bonds merchant accounts by payment processors is risky, because of high chargeback rates, decline rates, and the integrity of the clientele. Though it is a perfectly legitimate business, the public and payment processors often view bail bondsmen in a very negative light. Because of this, Bail Bonds Merchant Accounts are considered part of the high risk category. As your clients are criminal suspects, their very nature and the fact that you are dealing with the justice system, bounty hunters, and lawyers, all add to the less than flattering image of the industry. However, the bail bonds service is an essential one and can be quite lucrative.

High Risk Merchant has an efficient system of taking payment, as well as an effective risk management system that allows us to take on high risk clients, such as bail bondsmen. Why take chances when you can have a risk free Bail Bondsman Merchant Account? Contact Clarity High Risk Merchant today.