Prosperity Plus: Our Money Is Your Money

At Clarity USA, we never forget that our success depends on yours.  And we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

We’ve leveraged our collective muscle to secure a generous loan at the most favorable rates.  Now, we can make this pool of money available to our ISO partners as a credit line secured by your residuals.

You use the money for anything you need to help you grow your business, from marketing to sales incentives, to paying rent.  The loan is repaid by Clarity USA, using a small portion of your monthly residuals.

As you grow your business, the amount you can borrow also grows.  And as you grow, you can draw more cash – up to 3X per year.

Clarity doesn’t want anything standing in the way of your future.  If it’s money you need, you need Prosperity Plus.

Call your Relationship Manager for more information.