Process Credit Cards at your Food Establishment

Everyone loves to eat different types of food. Though many are great for cooking, some are not so talented in the kitchen. Also, many may want a break from their cooking chores and eat outside. Thus is the increased need for restaurants and food joints that can serve different varieties of food to cater to all taste buds. When you own a restaurant, you would be aware of how your customers pay. It is not always by cash. You cannot accept cheques for a meal already eaten. This results in the increased usage of plastic money.

Clarity Offers the Lowest Fees and No Annual Fee

When you own a restaurant or even a few of them, you will need to accept credit card and debit card payment. Not everyone will be willing to stand in a queue and withdraw money from an ATM so that they can eat at your restaurant. In order to keep up your market share and face the competition, you must be ready to accept payments made by all cards such as Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. Accepting credit card payments has its own set of risks and complications. You need a reliable payment gateway that will process all your payments without any delay. None of your customers are going to wait for their card payments to be processed. They would all want to come, eat good food, pay up and leave in a good spirit.

Reduce Your Rates and Save Money with Cheaper Rates

If you have approached banks asking for merchant account services, you are sure to have heard about a lot of limitations and high rates for the payment processing, setup fees, etc. We not only provide you with reliable terminals, but we have a number of virtual terminals with no setup fees too, for your business. The entire application process is simple, straightforward and will take very little time. When we have all the details in place, we will ensure you have your merchant account up and functioning in no time. Whether it is just billing, recurring billing or ACH processing, we are here to help.

Free Verifone EMV Terminal for Your Food Service Establishment

In the restaurant business, there is not just dine in, there is take away and home delivery system too. Today, you cannot have a successful restaurant that does not cater to home delivery; such is the demand of the customers. Many people are finding it difficult to cook a delicious meal and prefer to eat it within the comforts of their home. When you are processing such orders, the payments will be made where the card is not present. When processing such payments the risks involved is higher is so are the charges. While many may refuse to provide such services, we have tie-ups with multiple underwriting banks, which enables us to take the risk and provide you the service. The risk is high in such situations because a customer may cancel their order at the last minute or send it back because the food was too cold or reached well past the promised deadline. In such cases, you will need to return their payments and chargeback facility is a must in such situations. Similarly when you undertake orders online, not only will you have to process payments where the car is not present but there will be no signature either. In such cases the chances of a fraud or chargebacks are high, thus increasing the risk on our end. Despite high risks, we are here to help you run your restaurant business smoothly and enjoy a good growth curve.

How To Get the Lowest Monthly Fees and Transaction Rates

The rates will not only vary based on such risks, but the rates vary by startup Vs history too. This is because an established restaurant will have a name and reputation for itself and regular business is guaranteed and also, they will know how to handle problems with payments on their end. If it is a new set up, we understand the risks and the time required to create a name and reputation for yourself in this highly competitive market. Hence the merchant account services rates will also be higher. We will have our team of professionals assess the risks involved, the business’ growth etc and decide on the rates and fees involved. Our friendly field experts are here to help you set up your business and help you grow so that you can achieve your goals.

Same Day Setup and Next Day Funding

If your needs match what we have to offer, the steps involved are quite simple. There are no setup fees or registration fees involved. You can approach us with your details and requirements and the respective department will handle your queries. Call us today, fix up an appointment and get your business going. We aim to help people get tasty food without any hassle and also help the budding entrepreneurs achieve their dreams without any hitches.