Merchant Account for Air Cruise and Tourism Business

Have you already been denied bank transactions a number of times because of the kind of business you are involved in? Are you regretting your decision to take up this field because it is a High-risk business? You need a merchant account to process and accept credit card payments but neither a credit card processor nor a bank is ready to help you out.

You have two options; one is to apply to a High-Risk merchant and the other is to apply to a Low-Risk merchant. So ideally your provider is definitely taking on a financial risk by being associated with your business. You might wonder how a High-Risk Vs Low-Risk business module affects you. You might also wonder if you will ever come across a high-risk merchant service that does not intend to drain you financially with disguised rates and set up fees. We might sound too good to be true but you have found our website at the perfect time!

Online Merchants Payment Gateway Solutions Provider

Most travel-related transactions are labeled as High-risk businesses. This is because the transactions happen long before the delivery of the real products and services. Yet another major contribution to the same is the fact that this industry bears the brunt of frequent chargebacks and payment disputes. This is why credit card processors hesitate to provide travel merchant accounts all too easily.

However, when you are in the industry, you certainly do not need to face exuberant rates, set up fees and merchant services that are hostile to the travel industry such as Charter Airline Tickets and Cruise Ship Bookings. All you need to do is find an online merchant that can assist you with cost-effective and hassle-free solutions. When you need a secure payment gateway along with developing a long-term relationship with your client, you can trust us to aid you in this regard.

Charter airlines and cruise ships and Airline Ticket Brokers face a number of challenges and some of them are listed below:

  • High-value transactions.

  • Recurring Billing.

  • Irregular Billing.

  • Chargebacks and cancellations.

  • Online reservations.

  • Advanced scheduling.

This is why you need an online merchant like us because we completely understand your concern about high rates and hidden fees. We believe in functioning transparently and we accept applications from start-up businesses, cash-only businesses, domestic as well as offshore businesses.

Why Work with Clarity USA

Now that you have been denied and shut down by PayPal, banks for your charter airline, private jet business and other credit card processors are demanding sky-high rates of interest, you can fall back on us for friendly and co-operative services. We will offer you the plan that your business needs for fast growth and prosperity. Our team of high-risk advisors will offer you flexible financial security so that you can give back the best to your clients. We also offer a competitive pricing in the industry that you will find hard to resist. Let us take a quick look at our services:

  • The high approval rate for merchant accounts.

  • Fast and easy application process.

  • No application fees.

  • No setup fees.

  • No Rolling Reserve Requirements.

  • Reduced chargebacks.

  • Friendly approach.

  • Lowest possible rates.

  • Speedy signup.

  • Business funding options.

  • Next Day Funding.

Virtual Terminal for Travel Tourism Airline Tickets and Cruise Lines

We do not stop at providing you with a merchant account for your business to prosper. We go beyond that because we understand that safety is of paramount importance. We offer a number of virtual terminals that are absolutely safe and secure. You can also use iPhone/Droid Mobile apps to make your payments conveniently.

We work With Established Companies and Startups

A small time business owner can flourish in no time if he/she has the facility of accepting and processing credit card payments. If you have been dealing with cash-only transactions, trust us to offer you the best solution for your business module. Not only will accepting payments become easier for you but also acquiring new clients.

Domestic Banks and Offshre Options

It is not every day that you get to opt for an offshore business module. However, there are a number of risks involved. How would you ensure that your payments in different denominations are accepted successfully? Yet again, we come to your rescue because our High-risk advisors know all that your business needs.

Lowest Rates and Fees

We always analyze our risks before attaching our name to your business module. We offer customized rate plans to our clients and there are no hidden fees for later. We keep the entire process effective with the help of recurring billing every month. With the kind of offers we have in our kitty, your business prospects are bound to enhance.