High Risk Telemarketing Merchant Service Solutions

When you first think of telemarketing, you envision an annoying person that call you at the most inconvenient time with a product or service you don’t need, so although people are annoyed by them dollars and numbers prove it works and is a multi-billion dollar industry.. Even though telemarketers can produce outstanding means of revenue, the industry is considered high risk due to the high-pressure nature of many sales calls and non disclosures that transpire in the transaction. These tactics have led to higher-than-average chargeback levels. Due to the high level of risk involved, many telemarketers experience issues when they need to set up a merchant account to process payments. As with any business, a fast, simple and effective payment processing solution is vital. High Risk Merchant is here to help you set up your Telemarketing Merchant Account or check 21 and ACH to make your life more convenient in terms of processing and accepting payment.

We provide merchant service solutions and specialize in getting merchant account approvals quickly, even for accounts in the high risk category. Without the proper solution, you may find your business being charged extremely high rates / processing fees, which could drastically reduce your profits, or if the bank changes its mind after setting you up, you could have no sales at all!

The majority of customers today prefer paying for everything with their credit or debit cards. If your business can’t offer them a safe, reliable system to process their payment, you will certainly lose sales and drive customers away. High Risk Merchant Service is the answer to that dilemma. At Risk Free Merchants, part of the reason it is “risk free” is that we work hard to minimize your risk by both preventing and reducing credit card fraud. This protects both you and your customer. For more information on a risk free Telemarketing Merchant Account, call us today!