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Today the doctor’s office gets more credit card and debit card payment than the fuel station. People are having more health issues than ever, are more concerned about their health than the previous generations and don’t care about the expenses involved. When a number of patients is on the rise, the number of payments is also bound to increase.

What You Need

If you part of the health care industry, be it a surgeon or a dentist, you are bound to have too many patients lined up at one point of time or the other. And not many of these patients are going to pay you in cash. You will have to accept credit card and debit card payments because that will be the only way many can pay.

The doctor charges have gone up and hence patients don’t see the point in carrying cash to pay their medical bills. No matter how much their insurance covers, the rest are mostly paid only by a card. This is why you should be ready to accept card payments, be it Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. ACH Processing/Check Processing should also be possible for a smoother flow of payments from bigger accounts.

The Need For Merchant Accounting

Merchant accounting is the process by which all these card payments are processed through a virtual gateway. It is not just for the repeated customers but even new customers would prefer to pay by card. When you can process these payments quickly, without any glitch, it improves their overall experience. No one is going want to come back to a doctor but everyone knows it's unavoidable.

If you offer health insurance plans and other medical plans that require regular payments, recurring billing facility should be availed of. This will ensure you don’t have to enter the details every single time and the accounts will be debited automatically like clockwork.

Turned Down?

Have you tried approaching a number of banks, only to be turned down for merchant account facilities with features of your choice? Though everyone knows the health care industry will always grow as long as there are humans, not many are ready to undertake the risks involved in processing payments in this field.

There are chances for an unsatisfied or upset patient to go and file a legal suit and stop the payments to your account from his. In such cases, you will have to encounter chargebacks, which are high risks for any merchant account. There are chances of frauds too as medical insurance is a big deal in today’s world. One can give you the wrong insurance number and get you into trouble with the legal system. Though this does not affect the merchant accounting facilities much, one is always worried about the problems that might arise.

We Can Help

We have multiple underwriting banks who are ready to offer credit for this industry. With such credible backup and enough information about this industry, we can offer a simple and ready to use a merchant account for you. There is no application fee, no setup fees, all you will have to do is approach our friendly customer care executives, who will be able to direct you to the right department.

With easy to use terminals and an easy gateway setup, you can start operating your merchant account in no time. The rates vary by startup Vs history as surviving in this industry will require some recognition and goodwill. If it is a start-up, the risks involved are very high, hence the charges will also reflect the same. However, for a well-established firm, the charges will be very nominal and can be fixed up on after the concerned executives have checked the documents, requirements, etc.

The payment processing will be smooth and the billing will be quick. This is sure to keep customers happy. If chargebacks are expected, one should avail of that service too, which can be an add-on.

Online Payment

Today, doctors don’t mind accepting online payments either. In the case of appointments that are booked well in advance, a minimum token advance can be collected. For such billing, the card is not present. The signature of the customer will also not be available and hence the risk factor is more. Even in such cases, we enable you to accept the card payments, so that the patients are given the maximum comfort possible.

Paying the medical bills is one thing everyone absolutely hates; hence a number of disputes can arise in this area, making this a high-risk industry. The rates will vary based on high risk Vs low risk and the different services availed of.

Help Your Patients

No one likes to visit the doctor. Hence keep the patients’ convenience in mind and offer them the best payment processing window. we aim to make every doctor visit as smooth as possible, at least on the payment front.