• 01-04-2018

    ClarityUSA Receives Top Ratings and Reviews on All Major Sites™

    January 04, 2018, Long Island, NY…

    ClarityUSA has received top honors and recommendations from multiple sources for their award winning merchant services. Through the years Clarity has received numerous words for Customer Service, Customer Retention and a variety of solutions for merchants. Top Honors have been awarded to ClarityUSA on Credit Card Processor Reviews, Credit Card Processing 101, and Cheapest Merchant Accounts reviews.

  • 06-10-2011

    Clarity USA Launches iPhone / Android / Blackberry Mobile Processing via AIRCHARGE™

    June 10, 2011, Long Island, NY…

    Thanks to its partnership with AIRCHARGE mobile solutions, Clarity USA announced today that it now offers a single, simple, fast and secure processing solution that works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, in addition to laptop and desktop computers.

    “AIRCHARGE maps to our PAYMENTS DIRECT gateway and is fully integrated with our CIMAS account management system,” explained Kevin Smith, Clarity USA’s Executive Vice President for Business Development. “That means our sales offices don’t need to add any other vendors, pay any additional gateway fees, or order any other equipment. And it means their merchants get real-time batch monitoring and reporting and back office automation, all at no extra charge.”

    Unlike similar products, AIRCHARGE hardware connects not just to cell phones and PDAs, but also to a merchant’s desktop or laptop computer. “With a single unit and no additional software or downloads required, AIRCHARGE can process payments in the office, in the field, or at any point of sale,” Smith noted.

    AIRCHARGE complies with Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® regulations for printing and viewing credit card information, and meets federal laws regarding the printing of information on receipts. And because the software is compatible with virtually every cellular network provider and computer manufacturer, merchants can change equipment or providers whenever they choose.

    AIRCHARGE offers the AirBLUE Mini, an all-in-one card swipe reader and printer that comes with a carrying case, protective case, three rolls of paper, a wall charger, and a USB cable. All AIRCHARGE units are backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty and 24/7 customer support.

    “This is a simple and complete turnkey solution for merchants who want to process all forms of payment from anywhere and everywhere, using their cellular phones, PDAs, or computers,” said AIRCHARGE COO Richard Hoffman. “Our partnership with Clarity USA allows us to bring these solutions to market at a very low cost of entry.”

    For more information about AIRCHARGE or Clarity USA contact Rich Hoffman at 866-718-2800 or Kevin Smith at 678-867-6000.

  • 05-11-2011

    Reinvention Providing a Brighter Future for Clarity USA

    Almost from the time of its inception, Long Island City, New York-based ISO/MSP Clarity USA — founded in 1995 by Marcelo Paladini and John Martillo — rode a wave of success….

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