Payment Types

Complete Range of Payments with Clarity USA

Clarity USA delivers reliable and secure payment processing solutions for merchants worldwide. Brick and mortar and e-tailers alike rely on Clarity USA’s robust suite of payment processing solutions – from core payments processing to value added tools, from gift cards to help boost profitability and promote customer loyalty to a merchant cash advance offering that provides funding to enable future business growth.

Our continued focus is to deliver unparalleled payments to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed in the marketplace. Click here to learn more about our payment offerings.

Our payment services include:

Credit cards. Many consumers carry little or no cash. Credit cards continue to rank as a high consumer preference for payments and Clarity USA enables acceptance of all the major card types – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and JCB®.  Best of all, credit cards can encourage impulse spending as buyers will typically spend more when they aren’t limited to the amount of cash they have in their wallets.

Debit cards. With its convenience and security, debit has soared in popularity. Consumers prefer a safer alternative to carrying cash and benefit from the added security of entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) – which enables fast and secure sales with increased protection from potential chargebacks.

Electronic Benefits Cards (EBT). EBT cards are stored-value cards issued by government agencies to distribute food stamp and cash benefits. EBT cards function similar to debit cards in that they contain magnetic stripes and require a PIN. EBT cards are convenient for cardholders and merchants because they eliminate paper benefits and coupon distribution. In addition, many payment terminals that accept debit cards can also accept EBT cards, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.

Check Services. Even with today’s advanced technology and payment options, some consumers still prefer to write checks.  To help safeguard businesses against bad or fraudulent checks, Clarity USA offers check verification and guarantee services.  Check verification services screens for bad or fraudulent checks while returning an authorization or decline at the point of sale.  Check Guarantee ensures that the check will be paid for the face amount of the check if the check is returned for any reason (single payments only).

Through these services, merchants can accept checks with confidence while consumers can continue to utilize what may still be their preferred payment method.  In addition, Clarity USA offers check imaging, through which electronic images of checks are routed through the check clearing network – which eliminates manual check reconciliation and trips to the bank. All funds are electronically deposited into a merchant’s bank account.

Gift Cards. Gift cards remain one of the most popular and convenient gift giving alternatives in the marketplace today.  And, by offering and accepting gift cards, merchants can reinforce store name and brand awareness while encouraging repeat business. Studies have shown that consumers will typically redeem more than the initial value loaded on the card, which can help boost profitability. In addition, gift cards replace outdated paper-based certificates that are more susceptible to fraud.  Gift cards from Clarity USA can be customized with a merchant’s logo and business information, or, merchants can choose from several pre-packaged designs.

e-Commerce. Accept payments online from virtually anywhere through Clarity USA’s e-Commerce solutions. Clarity USA’s robust payment engine facilitates fast and secure payments acceptance. All payments are routed behind firewalls with state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Recurring Billing. Recurring payments are ideal for utility companies and for payments that are generated in fixed, monthly intervals, such as gym memberships.  Set up monthly payments for customers with ease with ACH direct debit. Routine payments are drafted against a pre-defined schedule with funds being electronically deposited into a merchant’s bank account.