High Risk Payment Gateway for Timeshare Business

The impeccable growth tourism industry has witnessed in the past few decades is definitely unseen for many other sectors and businesses worldwide. With the changing traditions, the formulas for holidaying and spending quality time with friends and family has also taken a leap. One of unique ways of vacationing in today’s tourism-oriented world is Timeshare.

Defining Timeshare Industry Payment Processing Services

At times, planning a holiday can turn out as a complex and expensive affair for many people. Various travellers either go with booking a room at some hotel or at a luxurious cottage. This is where Timeshare comes into play and offers an amazing alternative to this out-dated stay over options. In this particular system, a client buys a flat or condo for a definite period of time. This means that their ownership of the property is temporary than permanent and they cannot claim their proprietorship on it. Some timeshares are huge centres with several units and some of them resemble a small family home and are capable of accommodating just one person at a time. Most of these timeshares are generally sited infamous resort zones where property rates are expensive.

Timeshare Litigiation Release Resolution Escape Merchant Services

There are mainly three different kinds of timeshares in the industry
  • Fixed Week – This is the most commonly used form of timeshare in which the owner has just one week in a year to occupy the property for their vacation.
  • Floating Week – In this type of timeshare, the owner can rightfully inhabit a particular sized unit at any resort for only a week each year. Here, the owners are offered with more flexibility in regards to selecting the time of the year in which they wish to holiday.
  • Points – Timeshare points are utilised as a currency to reserve different sizes of rooms and accommodations any time through the year. These points keep increasing every year for the owner to book their holiday whenever they feel.

What are Title Transfer Companies?

The term- timeshare title transfer is a great technique of cancelling a timeshare contract. If you do not have any mortgage on your contract or are not lacking in your payments or in case it is not funded, a timeshare title transfer is definitely the perfect way of moving out of this contract. Another problem people commonly have is being behind on payments. A title transfer organisation has all possible ways to bring you out of it without any unnecessary legal hassle.

The documents received by these companies are reviewed well by their experts and the process of cancelling the contract is pushed forward if all these documents are authentic and clear. These companies not only assist you in cancelling your timeshare contract, but also offer other necessary services including timeshare attorney cancellation, timeshare mortgage release, and more for affordable fees. They keep you perfectly updated on the progress by providing you with a timeshare title transfer account, also called Merchant Account.

How our merchant accounts function and what to look for

Our company has multiple underwriting banks and is committed to making the procedure of timeshare title transfer and resale a quick and convenient one. Here, a merchant account is a particular bank account that holds the capital derived out ofVisa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex credit and debit card deals. When we pay for a product or service and the money gets deducted from your account through a payment gateway set-up, this money basically goes into an online merchant account. From there, it gets transferred to the business bank account this transaction was initially meant for. The merchant accounts we offer are a big necessity for online merchants today as, without them, your money will get stuck and might not even reach you. Creating an authentic and safe merchant account with us for a timeshare release and title transfer start-ups is the ideal way to proceed. Here is all that you must review before having a merchant account created-

  1. No Application Fees –This is one of the prime reasons why people go ahead or drop out from getting a merchant account created. Always ensure to check thoroughly which company is asking for how much fee as it affects your business and revenue a lot.
  2. Friendly Staff– It is extremely important for the professionals on the other side to be communicative, understanding, and friendly. If they don’t show much interest and can’t offer solutions to assist your concerns, the main motive of having a merchant account will fail.
  3. Payment Processing –With the right merchant account, you can pay money via a virtual terminal with no signature or card not present. A decent merchant account will possess all these eCommerce capabilities to serve you better.
  4. Recurring Billing –Accepting recurring payments is another important issue to consider.
  5. Iphone/Droid Mobile Apps –Since the working of most of the businesses is done online now, it becomes a necessity to accept payments and close billing issues via mobile apps. Ensure that the merchant account you are creating has this option too.
  6. Chargebacks –Many credit card providers demand a refund when they are not satisfied with the service. Always find out if these companies follow the chargeback trend or not. Even if they do, a good merchant account will accommodate your problem and will function to serve the concerns without demanding additional fees.
  7. Credit Cards Accepted - Whichever merchant account you select while starting your new corporation, ensure that all kinds of credit cards will be accepted by them- Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex in particular.
  8. Multiple Underwriting Banks –There might surface a situation when your bank might stop processing your payment, thus shutting down your new business. This is why you should prefer a merchant account which uses several multiple underwriting banks.
  9. High Risk vs Low Risk –You must consider how much risk factor is involved in the timeshare and title transfer industry as the availability of a merchant account depends on it majorly and it has a huge impact your business growth as well.Remember that a merchant account is recommended in every condition.
  10. Card Present / Signature –Most of the businesses conducted online accept payments through a credit or debit card these days. Ensure your merchant account is compatible with this option.
  11. ACH Processing/Check Processing –There might be few customers who would like to make payment via a cheque. In these situations, you should be able to manage check processing with the help of your merchant account.

You will be satisfied to see that we offer all these options to make our service the best and most trusted all around the world.Try us and experience it yourself! Merchant account for offshore and domestic business set ups

An offshore merchant account for credit card processing is an online transaction account started for the processing of credit and debit card trades. These merchant accounts are mainly created for high-risk industries including gambling, replica, auctions, pharmaceutical, and more. If some of the domestic banks and online processors mark some corporations as ‘high risk’, they do not open merchant accounts for them. With an offshore account, one can have the account created to manage the business needs. These accounts are famous for providing services such as real-time debit and credit card processing, automated billing service, payment gateway, third party processing, and great customer service to name a few.

So if you are in the timeshare and title transfer industry, it is a must for you to have your own merchant account for authentic dealings and transactions with clients looking to rent out your property. This not only secures your business from fraudulent transactions and risks but also keeps you updated on the new trends and methods of payments and running your business. If you are on the verge on beginning your start-up, setting a dependable merchant account is definitely the need of the hour as cut-throat competition and risk are prevailing in the industry today.