Credit Repair Company Credit Card Processor

In today’s society you need a good credit rating for nearly everything; whether it is to rent or buy a house, a car, apply for a job, or make certain purchases. Credit score including credit history is how most companies judge and evaluate potential clients. With the recessed global economy many people’s credit scores and ability to pay their bills have been infringed upon. This opened the doors for companies that specialize in consulting and repairing the credit of individuals in need of extra help to boost their credit score. Credit repair companies need to obtain payment for their services, however, many of these businesses have found it difficult to process payments for their services rendered because most payment processors will not accept credit repair or credit consulting companies. One of the main reasons credit repair companies encounter this difficulty is the extremely high chargeback rates within the industry; many people want more rapid results then physically possible and chargeback when those desired results are not attained. Fortunately, High Risk Merchant understands this industry and openly accepts credit repair businesses for Credit Card, ACH, Check 21 and E-Check processing. Most clients of credit repair companies have poor payment history and High Risk Merchant would like to take the risk out of transacting with them. We offer payment processing solutions that have the lowest processing fees associated with these types of clients, have rapid clearing times, with instant decline notification, and 24 hour NSF notification. If your company offers monthly credit or credit card monitoring we can provide you with a specialized solution to automatically process recurring payments. This can significantly reduce administrative times in manually processing these transactions. Call one of our experts today so we can start setting up your credit repair merchant account. Our specialists are standing by.