Skin Creams Anti Aging Health Improvement Merchants

Be it a start-up or a centuries’ old business, today everybody has to have a presence on the world wide web. In the present times, people don’t have the time or the patience to deal with cumbersome payment processing procedures; they want things fast, efficient and smooth. Products like Anti-Aging creams, Skin Care Products, Energy Boosters, Vitamins and Supplements all can be categorized by banks as High Risk Merchants.

To be a successful business you must provide several paymentoptions to your customers.But it is not practical or feasible to provide all forms of payment methods. You must identify your target audience and focus on the payment modes they use the most. Ideally, a good combination of payment processors, coupons and credit cards and debit cards like Amex, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa is good.

What about Merchant Account?

Whether you are an online merchant or a retail store you must be able to accept credit cards for which you must have a merchant account. It is just a bank account where all the credit card proceeds from a transaction will be received. The merchant bank ensures that the customer's payment is deposited in the merchant account.

What are the kind of merchant accounts you must have?

  • Internet Market Account: With everything happening online, it is only natural that your business should have an internet merchant account where all transactions will take place on the web.

  • Virtual terminal: A good merchant account provider will also make sure that you have a free virtual terminal where you can process credit card transactions over the phone.

  • Retail merchant account: No matter how many online shops come, the retail sector is still strong and your brick and mortar system still needs a reliable merchant account.

Risks in merchant account

For those new to the merchant account world, denials are quite common because of the risk involved in online transactions. Actually, dealing with credit cards itself is risky. Therefore, the financial institutions and bank’s assess a merchant’s risk based on the longevity of the business, credit history, nature of business, business model, billing methods. All risk management and underwriting rules are same for all industries.

Risk level of beauty products

Before you can open a merchant account you must be aware that not all businesses are treated equally. Normally, they are segregated into low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk business based on the industry, geographical location and the volume of business.

Thus, a business or a start-up dealing with beauty products comes under the medium-risk category. Beauty products include shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, body lotions and everything else needed for skin care.

Here the risk is moderate and the volumes are high.

What is a good merchant account for beauty products?

It must include:

  • PCI compliant payment gateways

  • No volume caps

  • Multi-currency processing

  • Transaction time

  • Excellent customer support system.

The most common credit cards supported by all merchant account providers are MasterCard, Amex, Discover Diner’s Club and Visa.

Is Offshore account an option?

Look at the benefits and then decide if that option suits you

  1. Easy to open accounts: Most offshore banks provide a wide range of options to open accounts fairly easily if you have a sound financial history.

  2. Low taxes: You pay lesser taxes when compared to local and domestic banks.

  3. No Volume cap: Locally banks believe that higher volumes are associated with higher chargeback risks but offshore banks don’t have such restrictions with volumes.

  4. Multi-currency: A successful online merchant must be able to process multi currencies to keep a global clientele.

Our services

There are several instances of fraud where a hardworking business has lost several thousand dollars due to unreliable merchant accounts. Since we understand the market and its nuances so well, we are adept at providing solutions that can boost your business and protect you from fraudulent merchant accounts.

We make the whole process simple and easy. There are no hidden fees, rates and application fees; you can setup your account in no time at all. Just contact our merchant account managers with the required details and they will find the ideal service provider for you.

Benefits when you deal with us:

  1. We deal with all kinds of cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and other beauty products

  2. We have solutions for all risk levels- high, low and medium.

  3. Our rates are the most competitive in the industry

  4. We provide excellent customer support

  5. We partner several banks both locally and overseas to give you customizable solutions for all your business needs.

So, you need not worry anymore of underwriting banks, gateway setups, varying rates, high-risk vs. low-risk factors, leave your qualms to us and we will work to provide you with the best solutions for all your business needs.