PAYMENTS DIRECT™ for Developers

Transaction Updates and Reporting

    Do you want to be able to include batch details, review check transactions or perform card validation? These functions and more are available through the PAYMENTS DIRECT Gateway™ interface. You don’t need to figure out your own Mod10 verification or design specific methods to determine a particular card type based on bin ranges. This functionality and more is readily available to you and can be incorporated easily into your payment solution.

    You can include a review of the transactions in an open batch, retrieve the details of transactions based on dates, transaction types, payment types or customer. You can also process credit card signatures electronically and store them on the PAYMENTS DIRECT Gateway, process credit, debit, EBT and gift cards. These capabilities expand the customer’s payment options and the merchant’s profitability, as well as validate card length, expiration date and card number length. For the full details, see the SDK documentation posted on the downloads page.

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