PAYMENTS DIRECT™ for Developers

Coding Simplified

    When you’re designing and developing a payment solution, you want to make the most of your development effort. You’ll see from the documentation and samples in the Lucy Gateway™ SDK, that with minimal changes to your source code, your application can take advantage of all the functionality built into the PAYMENTS DIRECT Gateway. You can easily program for a variety of transaction types such as Sale, Refund, Authorizations, Voids and Inquiries as well as payment methods, from credit and debit cards to loyalty, gift and EBT cards and electronic check conversion. This gives your application the flexibility to meet the business needs of a variety of merchants and industries with a minimum of writing, re-writing and testing your payment application.

    Through simple calls to pre-defined methods you can provide card verification, access the advantages of AVS and CVV/CV2 checking and make use of a broad range of reporting functionality. This makes integration between the gateway and your POS or other application complete.

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