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If you would like to send a general or sales message to Clarity, or if you would like a sales associate to contact you, please use this online form below to do so. To contact someone specific, or if you are looking for technical assistance, please use the contact information below.

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Mailing Address Clarity USA
Long Island City, New York

After Hours

For merchant customer support or technical assistance, dial these numbers any time of the day, any day of the week. During regular business hours, please call your local sales office or Clarity corporate headquarters.
Paymentech Network 800.865.1164
Vital Front End Network 866.345.6188
FDR 866.231.2033

Voice Authorizations

MasterCard/Visa/Discover Voice Authorizations – TSYS 800-291-4840
MasterCard/Visa Authorizations/FDR 800-228-1122
Discover Voice Authorizations/FDR 800-347-1111
American Express Voice Authorizations 800-528-2121